Our Solutions


IT Electronic Asset Disposition (ITAD)

We securely and sustainably process IT assets to be re-used or retired.  

IT Asset Disposition is the process of securely and responsibly reusing, recycling, repairing, or disposing of unwanted IT equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible way. GES provides secure destruction of data and environmentally friendly e-waste recycling. GES specializes in the process of streamlining the disposition of IT assets while minimizing costs and potentially claiming equipment value.

GES provides the following services:

IT Asset Disposition is important because these devices may contain heavy metals, chemicals, and other materials that could be harmful to the environment if disposed in a landfill.  ITAD is important when considering data security.  The need for proper end of life disposition is more critical than ever with increase in average number of devices used by corporations and personal equipment that contain personally identifiable information (i.e. computers, phones, household devices, cars, toys, smart watches).  

Using GES IT Asset Disposition Services not only safeguards customers from all potential scenarios and minimizes its risk, reputation, litigation, and operational risk, but will also meet the forever changing data security, information privacy, and environmental protection requirements.    


Electronics Recycling

We process various types of electronic waste or e-scrap

Securely and sustainably recycle electronics with GES. E-Scrap processed by GES consists of waste generated from surplus, broken, or obsolete electronics that can no longer be reused or repurposed. Electronics need to be disposed of properly to ensure that toxins and hazardous chemicals aren’t released into the environment. Electronic recycling involves recovering commodities and materials from electronics for re-use in new products.

GES takes all stringent measures to safeguard electronics to be recycled. GES complies with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations. GES is R2v3 certified and some of the safeguards include facility audits, safe techniques to recover precious metals, in-house dismantling, and confidence knowing electronics are being recycled responsibly. Maximize returns and minimize risk and work with GES to provide secure electronic recycling solutions.


Data Destruction

We guarantee destruction of all data and provide a certificate of destruction.

GES provides destruction services and certificates of destruction for reporting and management. GES destroys data on data bearing devices including hard drives, cellphones, media drives, etc. Destruction can be observed as GES maintains strict security controls including video surveillance, key card access, and more. We can meet additional requirements needed for customized requests.


Data Center Decommissioning

We provide secure, responsible, and sustainable services.

GES can provide service in data centers, including data destruction, relocation, full data center decommissioning, rack removal, and more. GES focuses on data security, information privacy, maximum resale value, traceability, and environmental and sustainable protection. GES provides a full range of services for secure removal and disposal of equipment. GES data center services adhere to all ISO 9001 and R2v3 procedures. Services are specifically designed to help achieve compliance, minimize risk, reduce environmental impacts and maximize value being recovered.



We are committed to providing our customers the highest return and can sanitize, test, refurbish, and resell devices.  

Devices that are determined to still have value will be resold through partner channels, maximizing the value of electronics. We provide logistics, testing, sampling, and final value reconciliation.


Nationwide Reverse Logistics

National logistics service coverage for materials to be picked up or delivered.

We provide a secure chain of custody from origin to destination.


Commodity Trading and Brokering

Maximize returns of all precious metals.

GES provides recovery value based on precious metal content based on market conditions for gold, silver, palladium, and copper.


Returns Management

Healthy recovery value on returns safely and securely, showcasing corporate social responsibility.

GES is an R2v3 certified partner that will protect your business and your customers from data, health, safety, and environmental risks. If returns are done carelessly it may result in increased costs to businesses in fines incurred or possible brand damage from mishandling of materials. GES is a responsible choice that will manage sustainably and problem free.


Specialty Programs

We can provide a variety of collection programs or specialty project requests, including donation programs.

GES can design and implement a wide range of custom initiatives to meet specific needs.