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100% total client satisfaction. When it comes to our clients, excellence is our only standard.

We are proud to be an environmentally responsible partner, with an emphasis on sustainable and strategic solutions.

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secure and strategic solutions for recycling and decommissioning electronics.

GES is an R2v3 certified company that is customer focused and continuously working on providing customized total e-waste management services.

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e-waste recycling, ITAD solutions, manual dismantling, asset management, data center decommissioning, and much more.

We provide a wide variety of solutions to a multitude of industries across the US and Canada.

About Us

We are always 100% committed to client satisfaction

GES is an R2v3 certified company dedicated to providing secure and cost-effective solutions for recycling and decommissioning electronic waste.

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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Data Destruction

Electronic Recycling

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Green Electronic Solutions

Our Experience

GES is an R2v3 certified company that is customer focused and continuously working on providing customized sustainable solutions. GES restores value from e-waste by processing them into valuable raw materials turned into new products. We are a market leader in our area of expertise. We are a reliable partner and leader in the market committed to serving our customers by responsibly protecting those we service.

GES works with several of the largest national electronic recyclers today showing the trust and value we add to small, large, and national customers. GES is always innovating and is able to provide differentiating service based on internal processing techniques to handle various types of e-scrap. A few of our competitive advantages include our in house dismantling capabilities, parts harvesting resale, and data destruction.



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The Green Electronic Solutions Difference


In-house LCD Monitor Dismantling

We offer financially optimal downstream option for processing of LCD Monitors than most of our competitors. Companies can work directly with GES instead of other recyclers, that end up shipping their LCD Monitors to GES. Consider shipping direct, instead of using a middle-company for this service.



Laptops contain valuable materials, including gold, silver, palladium, and copper. GES can offer strong competitive pricing for scrap laptops. Laptops contain hazardous materials that can negatively impact the environment, and we can handle securely and sustainably. Some laptop’s electronic parts, like motherboards, and hard drives, can even be reused in refurbished products.


Data Destruction Services

Secure, compliant, and audit ready; leave no data behind. We offer erasure and shredding services. We provide a single point of contact to transparently managed all of your destruction needs, with projects ranging in size from a few drives up to entire data center decommissions.



Our customers are the heart of our business; everything we do is in service to you. When it comes to quality, our leadership and employees are committed to a best practice quality program, to hold ourselves accountable for compliance and to strive for excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We are R2v3 Certified at all of our locations.  The R2 standard is the leading global certification standard for the electronics recycling and reuse industry.

R2 and e-Stewards are both respectable and set vigorous standards. It’s recommended that your electronics service provider should ideally carry at least one of these, as both hold companies accountable for their recycling practices.

If you'd prefer to have material picked up instead of delivering to one of our locations, please contact your GES sales professional to determine rate for service.

We accept shipments Monday - Friday from 9:00a.m.-2:30p.m. If needed we can make accommodations outside this window provided advance notice has been provided to your GES sales professional.  All deliveries are by appointment only, please schedule with your GES sales professional.

Yes, all loads need to be scheduled in advance with your GES sales professional, this allows us to unload all trucks as quickly as possible.


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